The Strategy Cards for circular and responsible services

This set of 10 cards I have been working on is inspired by other existing tools or techniques (for example, the Okala wheel), which are however always product-oriented and never focused on services.

I therefore tried to retrace the stages of the life cycle of a service, from the first spark of innovation to the end of life, and cluster strategies for each stage of the cycle.

How to use these cards?

These cards serve as a powerful brainstorming tool to explore areas of service development or improvement that have not yet been considered. Designers can use many of these strategies, or focus on a few.

Step 1: Explore circular and responsible design strategies

To begin, choose a card that corresponds to the type of strategy you are designing for and place it into the second rectangle.

Step 2: Pick a strategy

You will be taken further into that category where you are presented with a selection of strategy options, you can choose one or some to work on.

Step 3: Generate new ideas

Try to imagine how to change the system, write down or draw all your ideas the way you wish.

The deck is under a Creative Commons license: use it as you wish, just remember to say it’s from me 🙂

You can download the English version here and the French version here.


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