• A Circular Design process for our projects

    Lately I have been putting together what I am experiencing in the field of circular design and ethical design, trying to structure a logical process in which not to leave anything behind.

    Here’s where I got to.

  • The Strategy Cards for circular and responsible services

    This set of 10 cards I have been working on is inspired by other existing tools or techniques (for example, the Okala wheel), which are however always product-oriented and never focused on services.

    I therefore tried to retrace the stages of the life cycle of a service, from the first spark of innovation to the end of life, and cluster strategies for each stage of the cycle.

  • From Blueprint to Greenprint: design the life-cycle of a service

    The Greenprint mixes the Life Cycle Analysis method with the Service Blueprint: the idea is to note the steps in the life of a service and analyze its evolution over time (before its existence, during and at the end of its life), in order to identify areas for improvement in a circular approach.

  • Developing creative thinking with the Intuiti method

    A few months ago, Facebook advertised me about a deck of “creative” cards. I was a little skeptical, I was afraid of ending up with another product ordered online on the other side of the world and never arrived at my destination.
    At the same time, the cards were beautiful in the photos, it looked like something amazing and considering the price, I gave the shady ad a chance.

    This is how I discovered, by chance, a real gem: Intuiti.